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The vScan utility avoidance tool has been designed to make buried utility detection a simple and cost effective process. You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of the vScan. Main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards so minimal training is required.

Worksite friendly controls combined with the latest electronic hardware and software, make the vScan the premier utility avoidance tool available. A large dot matrix display gives the vScan the ability to display signals in a clear, unique way ABS mouldings and rubber protection buffers, ensure the vScan continues to give reliable service even in the harshest of conditions.

Together with the dual frequency transmitter, data logging, optional metal manhole cover detector, GPS, and Bluetooth, the vScan is available in various models to suit all applications.

When operating outside user guidelines, various alarms can be triggered to encourage correct usage.

The MyvScan software management tool allows easy transfer of data and allows the setting up of alarms, reporting and configuration details. For management wishing to lock these settings a USB lockout dongle is available. Use MyvScan to download free software upgrades for life ensuring your vScan is future proof and always up to date.

MyvScan Software

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